Where innovation of DESIGN expands with technology of BIM


An ingenious team of Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers offers various design, building information modeling and project management services to our clients through collaborative approach and technology that improves living environment.

DBS believes that innovation and creativity is our first derivative of balancing the systems of program, economy, site, and the human sense of well-being. Although our approach can be imperial and meet the practical requirements to our projects which are prior to ordinary by making every design decision meaningful in terms of craft and economy; most importantly keeping the conditions for the occupants comfortable and favorable to mental and physical well-being, affordability and sustainability. DBS provides a wide range of services for an even wider range of project types, including large scale Residential, Commercial, Integrated hospitality developments, academic institutions, interior design, landscape design and supplement project development.

DBS has established on the principles of space and proportion. We believe that successful design is achieved through clear objectives, a logical process and creative execution. Our client’s satisfaction is our primary focus. The challenge they face is starting point to our inspiration and innovation.

DBS also undertakes various assignments related to BIM services and BIM implementation apart from ongoing in-house design activities.