Where innovation of DESIGN expands with technology of BIM



In simple terms, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is process and methodology of creating virtual representation of the building facility. It can be also conceptualized as Platform or technology used by the software.

It is all about creating parametric digital model of the facility as central database from where one can extract real-time plans, elevations, sections, 3dviews and quantities any time. It is "change anywhere, change everywhere" kind of concept.


From Central database of BIM, Any project stake holder can extract required building information, which is always latest information. This helps very efficient communication matrix over traditional document-centric model, where everybody works in isolation and other may not have updated information all the time.

Our firm has adopted the technology as a working platform for all the design projects it delivers. As the name suggest; DBS (Design BIM Studio) is one of its kind studio in India; where project is delivered in BIM from concept stage to construction and up to facility management stage. DBS also provide BIM consultancy services, BIM Training and BIM Implementation assignments.