Where innovation of DESIGN expands with technology of BIM



As we do the multi-disciplinary coordination; we may come across the physical conflict between the project elements. Leaving behind the traditional system of manually identifying such conflicts via superimposing 2D drawings, BIM offers automatic interference check and clash detection tools. BIM can detect such conflicts as per the user preferences and generate the reports for circulation to consultants.

Based on the conflict resolution decision by the consultant; respective BIM models can be updated for next round of checking. After few cycle of conflict detecting and its resolution; construction documents become fully coordinated. It helps reducing construction timeline and increasing quality of construction as there is almost no conflict to be identified on project site during executing.

DBS (Design BIM Studio) has developed various conflict identification techniques to get required deliverables at different stages of the project. With such high-end visuals; from client to contractor and end user of the facility; all the stakeholders are benefited in their respective activities.

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